scorpio Monthly Horoscope (Jan)



Scorpios have to watch out for a bossy or demanding partner who is hell bent on getting their way this month. You may experience greater pressure or pushback from your partner who wants to extend his/her power or perhaps he/she calls it rebalancing. You may need to compromise in order to keep the relationship running smoothly, however you need to keep track of where and how you have lost ground or been cajoled, so that in the longer term you can address this. It's an important month to be alert to the balance of power in the relationship and how it may be changing.

Your interactions with your partner are more intense and passionate. On a sexual level he/she may be more lustful and keen for physical satisfaction, on an intellectual level he/she may be more obtuse or argumentative.

Your need for romantic love is powerful this month, Scorpios are drawn to love affairs that offer a great deal of escapism and affection. These relationships are not necessarily easy or rational, they may not even be sustainable, but they offer a lot of comfort and they fill a gap.

In ongoing love relationships, you can be quite needy and you may become people pleasing just to ensure you get the continuity or closeness you desire. Too much compromise can lead to intimate problems and irrational worries. You must work hard on self-love and self-acceptance, do not look to relationships to fill every gap or solve every problem. Enjoy relationships for what they are, but stop banking on a relationship being Nirvana.

Be careful of a tangled and complicated love relationship, somehow the complications affirm to you the value or importance of the relationship, but this is not a good metric on which to judge a relationship even though Shakespeare's said, "The course of their love never runs smoothly

If you have over committed in terms of money or financial obligations, this is the month when you will feel the pinch and have to put serious thought into how to save money, and re-engineer your financial set up.

The new moon on your ruler Pluto, increases your sense of purpose and you can act with determination and a resilient attitude.

Your home is a hive of activity and you are inspired to make repairs, improvements and alterations that will improve wellbeing. Scorpios can get satisfaction from doing a big clear out, going minimalist or employing more energy saving devices.

In many cases Scorpio ladies are stocking up, you feel the need for insuring again a number of eventualities by having extra supplies or backups. Your motto is to be prepared, and you are increasingly aware of security issues.

Try and be more patient, as often you are too easily frustrated when things don't go your way at the first attempt.

It's important to consider physical security issues at your home or business property.

Try to maintain a balance between home and work as you have a lot going on in both spheres and while you have energy now, will you have the stamina to follow through on everything you begin this January?

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