virgo Monthly Horoscope (Jan)



Pluto is activated at the new moon and Venus enters your fifth house. Mars is also conjunct Uranus in your 9th house which can create conflict with in laws or unexpected events with in laws that impact on your household finances.

Virgos are restless and you want to make some far reaching changes. This month you are thinking deeply about the future and the options available, and you become far less content with the status quo. You have a sense that what has gone before, no matter how good it seemed, is no longer the answer. You feeling a pressing need for new directions and radical new solutions to life's problems.

Bearing in mind the last two paragraphs, a long term relationship will be the first aspect of life that needs to be addressed before these changes can be made: is your partner on board, does he/she feel a similar impetus or indeed urgency to do something, does your vision of the future match his? Does he/she feel anxious about the same things as you? Are your priorities similar? This is a month where you have to ask all these questions because the answers will tell you whether you and you partner have diverged, in terms of life path, and you need to decide if that divergence is temporary or permanent.

With Pluto and Jupiter influencing your house of romance, a significant new relationship could very well begin. A new partner could arouse such powerful feelings within you that you are surprised at yourself. A new relationship can cause positive transformation in your life and while a soul mate does not come along every day, this month you may indeed encounter one. You may actually have met your soulmate last year, but perhaps circumstances made the path of the relationship topsy turvy, however now you may click into gear and be able to motor forward.

This month things move very quickly when it comes to money and opportunities come suddenly to invest or to do ad-hoc projects. You may do one off work that involves a very big sum. This is an excellent time for freelance workers who should throw the kitchen sink at being visible and promoting yourself. Virgo are known as one of the most modest signs, and yet this month you have to put that inmate modesty aside and be outspoken about your achievements, qualifications and experience.

With the Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction, conjunct your ruler at the new moon, this month is significant and you have an opportunity to make important decisions which will change your daily routines, and through that, your whole life.

Virgos can't underestimate the impact small changes in lifestyle can make to your health, motivation and energy. The key to this month is that small changes in the way you live your daily life can lead to huge leaps in consciousness and thus in life direction. So, start from the bottom up, every small change adds up to a huge window of opportunity. So, don't think you have to make some huge jump into something new, think snowball effect.

This is an excellent month for implementing New Year resolutions. Time is everything and Virgos must look closely at time saving, this will open up more family time and also more time for reflection and tending to your emotional needs.

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