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Download Dial199’s - Talk to Best Astrologer - India’s best and most talented app for consultation with Best astrologers. The stages are as very easy as selecting one of the many astrologers, tarot readers or numerologists, based on your choice and connect with them via call for a personal reading session. But this is not all, if you end up not being satisfied with the consultation then we offer a money back guarantee.

Dial199 Astrologer App

Talk to Best Astrologer app enables a user to talk to any astrologer of their choice present on the Dial199 platform and discuss in detail about all their problems and concern’s.

- Connects the user directly to an astrologer
- Discuss in detail about all their problems and concerns
- Trusted by so many users
- Consult at as low as Rs. 20/min
- Money back guarantee

Dial199 App
Divine Tarot

Divine Tarot App

Tarot Reading app gives insight on what the psychic readings have in store for you.

- Gives readings for love, career, victory, yes and no, marriage, etc.
- Psychic knowledge and beliefs followed while reading the cards
- Uninterrupted services and constant updates on tarot readings
- Teaches about the significance of each card

Divine Tarot App