Destiny & Karma

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Both karma and destiny are interweave, It is necessary for us that we cannot choose one without another one, so, for success in life we have to take help of karma and destiny. In an effort to begin a unmistakable Karmic steps, WebAstrologers is worked on so many Stories.

We understand at Dial199 that we are born according to our own karma, from that time onwards we should always strive to improve your good karma in order to do our tasks. Working with the so many people is a small and humble step in this direction.

Can we change our destiny?

To find the answer to this question, at first we must understand what we mean by destiny. From the point of view of Indian Vedic astrology, talking about destiny is talking about karma.

What is karma?

Karma, say simply, is the results of one’s actions. Actually, “karma” means “action” in Sanskrit. Karma it’s similar to the law of cause and effect seen from a bigger scope, from the moment you do something, you are planting a small plant in your mind. The plant you plant will have a some kind of energy, and at a some point, you will get the results. What kind of results, and if they are big, small, and healthy or rotten will all depend on how the action you performed was. Let’s say if you intake alcohol (action), your lever will become unhealthy (effect).

How long does it take for karma to effect?

But not all effects are instant. Because you have planted that plant in your mind, it will follow the laws of mind, and it will appear at a certain period or moment or time, which you can fully identify from Indian Vedic astrology. From help of this science which is called Indian Vedic astrology you can see that whatever phase you are going in your life, it is a expression of past actions, or past karma. You can see what kind of affects you are going to get next year as well as 50 years ago. You can see a specimen. This is called "what we understand by destiny, or karma".

So does a new born have a destiny?

Yes, Surely. According to Indian Vedic Astrology, your mind associated with us from life to our next life. The need of this plant to grow is the cause that we are born again, and again. The karma that get this lifespan is shred the result of our actions of this life, and mainly the outcome of our actions in our past lives. The actions in which we attached with this life span will plant plants, and we will get the same results in a future life.

Is good karma a product of past good actions?

Absolutely right, from a human point of view, it is. From a wider point of view we could say that there is neither good nor bad, it’s just a matter of fact is viewpoint, but to make a simple question, yes, you could say so. If you are rich this lifetime it could have been related to you being very generous in a past life. If you suffer from very bad health, it is possible that your past actions resulted in other people’s bad health. You receive what you give.

How is astrology related to karma?

Your horoscope or birth chart is basically a layout of your karma. The position of the planets in the zodiac at the time of your birth indicates what kinds of energies (stated by the planets) are strong or beneficial for you, which are weak, which areas of your life they will be exposed to, and when .

How can I change my karma for better?

The “easiest possible” way to change your karma is to engage purely and correctly in good actions towards others as well as yourself. This will result in the creation of good karma for your future life or lives. It’s like saving money in a bank for the future.

Astrological advice

If you really want to change your life in this lifetime, astrology can be a good tool for you. By reading your birth chart astrology can give you some advice to "play around" with the small plants in your mind. Give them a twist. The plants will still grow, but it is possible to change in a certain way, which will bring results. Seriously, WebAstrologers can give you some recommendations for this. This is not magic, this is very simple advice.

For example, according to an individual chart, as the planets are situated, the astrologer can advise someone that he is ill to move to another city to improve his health. The result of past deeds is that the person's body is not feeling relaxed. The astrologer can determine that in that specific case, the act of moving elsewhere is already causing an unknown disease in this person's body, because he is moving away from his roots, which according to Vedic astrology is fundamental. Huh. This means that the poor energy that caused ill health will now decrease in the way it was previously manifesting. This is only an example for a specific chart, it is not a general rule.


One day fasting in a week is another way to improve your karma. Fasting continuously on a particular day of the week can reconcile you to the energy of the planet that is causing hurdles for you. Fasting should be done till next sunrise, and next day you can have a light vegetarian meal.


On the antagonistic, if there’s a planet that brings you good energy and you want to enhance the power of a particular planet, you can wear the precious gems stone of that planet. It should be worn on a specific finger. Of course, that means that according to Indian Vedic astrology you shouldn’t just wear any kind of precious stone. Some can be harmful for you and you should avoid.


Another way to change your karma is to perform Indian Vedic ceremonies for the planets that are problematic for you. This can be done in some temples in India or also done at home, they are specific ceremonies related to specific traditions and for a specific planet.