aquarius monthly horoscope (April)

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This is a very impetuous and impulsive month. You have a great deal of energy and yet you often end up provoking others and causing conflict, and so while you can get a great deal accomplished, you could achieve even more with some diplomacy and a touch of sensitivity. You are very self-directed, and this is an excellent month for new ventures especially related to setting up a business or going freelance. A desire for freedom and a sense of your true calling gives you the courage to make some radical moves. You have chutzpah, but not necessarily finesse, so you often use the old sledgehammer to crack a nut. You may have to make expenditure on your home i.e. repairs or upgrading security. Often issues with a landlord cause anxiety or even additional cost and this can be an uncertain time if renting. If you are renting a new place, a large deposit may be needed and there may be onerous conditions and so be careful what you are singing up for. You have a great deal of nervous energy and you need to do challenging and exciting activities, preferably outdoors. This month is ideal for extreme sports and sporting competition, however a tendency to be impatient can mean you ignore safety rules or disregard your usual systems, which may result in injury. You can have great success, but you have to work harder at your concentration and stay within your limits. A perfect time for romance and meeting new partners. You crave excitement and you are drawn to people who challenge you. Often you fall in love with people who pose a great deal of challenge longer term, but who in the short term are highly stimulating and who even get under your skin, but who are lively and spontaneous. You can fall love quickly this month but not always sensibly as it's more about adrenalin than compatibility. In marriage arguments break out suddenly and often issues in connection to the home or your respective parents cause flashpoints. You are not in the mood for lengthy discussions or debate with your partner and you may anger them by taking matters into your own hands and making snap decisions. Try to listen more and be ready to make some concessions. This month is suited to daring action. Your high energy equips you to excel in dynamic and ruthless industries where quick thinking and mental and physical dexterity are needed. You may not win many friends, but you can influence people and lay a path which others can follow. It's a terrific time to act on any plan you have been holding back on and to give it your best shot. The moon wanes from 7th until the 22nd making this a time of diligence and application, after the 22nd is best for your new projects and for creative ventures and launches. After the 22nd is excellent for financial trading, purchasing assets, investing and signing off on budgets. You may also have success at auctions and in terms of buying collectables in this phase. Good deals and discounts can be achieved.

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