aquarius monthly horoscope (July)

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Mercury goes direct on the 12th and Venus is now direct after going direct on the 26th of June. Prior to the 12th is a period to refine, edit and work individually and with colleagues to tighten up procedures and get abreast of key details.  Factor in changes, improve communication methods and after the 12th things should fly with renewed efficiency.  After the 12th is a key period in terms of focusing energy and driving home advantages.  Fully commit to goals and be systematic, this is not a good time to be idealistic or out there, get the basics right and if you have time, you can add some flair later. You may achieve an award or acknowledgement this month, you are more likely to be recognized for your work or contributions and your public profile is raised.  You may get a lucky break in terms of career or a personal goal and you feel a great sense of pride or vindication. Romance is back on track and you seem to be able to find a happy medium, you and a new partner can attend events, parties and go on short recreational trips together.  You feel more carefree and there is a fun, playfulness in relationships. Compromise and cooperation mean your plans go smoothly and you are in sync. This is an excellent month to meet new potential partners and so be more social and place yourself in situations where there is a relaxed vibe conducive to spontaneity and fun.  Love generally blossoms in places where you feel free to express yourself, rather than at work where you may have to be professional and more guarded. For Aquarius it is vital to have a partner who is a good friend and confidant, however right now that aspect of your relationship is more complex and changeable.  Perhaps you have just got married or moved in together, and communication has gone downhill or become less fulfilling, or maybe your sex life is less active but the friendship has grown.  In some cases you are becoming more intellectually connected, in some cases less, and that will either strengthen or weaken your relationship, no matter what else may be happening, and so keep an eye on the communication side of love and work at it to keep it strong. Sex and routine can actually work this month.  Usually having a set day or days for sex is very robotic and unspontaneous or boring, but if you have been having issues and have become distant, then a sexual routine along with a date night could be helpful in the short run.  Being thoughtful and respectful of each other’s quirks and needs is vital to good sex.  Actions speak louder than works, make sure your actions say respect and care and from that good sex will begin to flow again. Mercury goes direct on the 12th of July. The moon wanes from the 5th to the 20th of July making this your knuckling down phase for implementing, understanding and planning.  After the 20th is a good period for building your career, taking on a leadership role and rising up the ranks. You can achieve more power and have an influence on your profession. Not a great period to take on debt or more financial responsibility.

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