aquarius Today Horoscope (Thu, Jul 29, 2021)



You will be extra sensitive in the next period, so you need to start taking extra good care of yourself. Meditate when feeling stressed. You never really know how you are feeling and that's something that has been bothering you for a very long time. With Saturn sending you energy, you will feel unstoppable today. Unemployed signs will have lots of luck when it comes to job interviews. You will be the shining star,
You will experience a lot of luck when it comes to social interactions. Financial luck is possible if you play your cards right. Taken signs have been a little too obsessed with their other half. Don't forget about your friend, Aquarius! Single signs might feel a little lonely as the night falls. You are a huge fan of traveling, however, today is just not the day for you to do that. You have other things on your mind.

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