scorpio Today Horoscope (Tue, Sep 27, 2022)



Stress is really doing a number on you today. Remember that you need to make time for yourself and your well being too. Have a little “me time” session today. Think about the last time that you were truly happy. Think of yourself now. You are not giving yourself enough credit for everything that you have been through, Scorpio. Right now, it might feel like you are lacking motivation to get where you want to be in life. Neptune is sending you weird energy that has made you feel unproductive.
Your lucky numbers are 77, 12, 10 and 12 today. It’s not the best day to gamble however. Taken signs will have more of a casual day with their partner. Single Scorpio signs might feel a little lonely at the end of the day. Call your friends and have a “friend date”. The ideal place for you to visit is Norway. The northern lights are a wonderful sight to see.

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