cancer Today horoscope (Mon, Apr 06, 2020)



Taken Cancer signs, you’re there to make each other feel like your best selves, so let the genuine praise flow freely. Like their outfit? Say it! Like their hair today? Let them know! Keep this in mind: No matter what your dream job is, you’ll likely hear “no” many times before you achieve your goals. It would be good for your health if you stopped eating out so much. It will be good for your wallet too! Spend more time cooking for yourself. Instead of regular oil, try using olive oil more often.
Traveling isn’t advised. Stay at home and stay safe. Keep your social distance. The color black (even though it’s not a real color) is going to be your lucky color today. Jupiter is the planet of luck, and it’s sending you good energy. From time to time, it gets harder to keep pushing yourself to carry on. However, you must find your inner strength and keep on pushing.

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