capricorn monthly horoscope (Aug)

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For the northern hemisphere, it's summer holidays and yet this is not necessarily a relaxing time for Capricorn who are highly energized and driven.  This is a time not to kick back and be lazy, but to work hard on projects of personal importance.  There is a great desire to seize control and to shape events and you have very strong ideas about things.

A good month for problem solving, financial planning and correspondence relating to money.  Your general desire for control comes to force financially as you cut losses and prune expenses.  You have a great deal of mental clarity about what you really need and what you don't and that enables you to make ruthless choices.

You have had quite a lot of sweet things lately, time to cut sugar and reduce carbs.  This is an ideal month for protein rich foods and more vegetables. Improve dental hygiene, brush and floss more often and get a check up to avert any dental issues.

Love relationships and affection are very much a private matter. New romances may be kept secret or you may even play down your feelings in front of others. You are more protective of your private romantic life. You are unlikely to want to share details of your intimate life with friends or family.

A secret liaison can be quite a turn on right now.

Single Capricorn may quite enjoy the low level commitment of single life or in some cases you may welcome long distance or unconventional relationships that allow your freedom and which do not encroach on your private space.

In marriage, you are very forceful and you want to take the lead in household decisions, you have a sense of purpose and a very strong idea about what is right, and so you are equipped and eager to make difficult decisions and to take the rap for them.  It's a decisive time when you do what needs to be done despite any opposition.

You have courage and focus and can push yourself to the limits.  This month extra stamina and determination mean you can succeed at mental and physical tasks.  You have endurance and you never say die, so you may claw victory from the jaws of defeat.

You may enjoy taking on what seems impossible and this is a good month to fight for your rights or right a wrong.  You feel guided by something powerful right now and that gives you added impetus. 

The moon waxes from the 18th making this a green light period for new projects and business ventures unless they involve catering, hospitality or tourism. Not a good period for property deals or starting major changes to your home, rather finish what you have started.

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