pisces monthly horoscope (Oct)

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This is a very good month for winning approval, and you are a welcome voice when it comes to team initiatives. Your popularity is high and in any new situation you can make friends quickly, you should welcome opportunities to be more social and attend meetings or weigh in on negotiations, as your pennies’ worth goes a long way.

This is a wonderful time to hold celebratory events for family and friends in your home. If you have started a business which you run from home, this month is excellent for promoting it or holding an event.

Mars goes retrograde on the 9th in Aries which indicates that you should take the foot off the gas when it comes to your financial strategy. Ease up on any business spending and be more reticent about investing. Reduce risk financially, hedge your bets and play it safe.

Try not to get into conflicts about money or resources, it may be worth compromising rather than fighting for your rights. Often this month, being in the right is no guarantee you will come out on top and it's certainly not worth fighting over matters of principal. If you can take a loss on the chin, do so and move on.

This month, especially the latter part, is ideal for healing on a psychological level. Therapy, counselling and hypnosis or past life regression can be very helpful. Look at addressing root causes of anxiety and deal with any residual guilt which undermines you. It's good to speak to a professional who is expert at steering you towards key trigger issues which require greater understanding and resolving.

Love is a learning experience and you tend to learn a great deal about yourself through new intimate connections. Relationships which start now have a high probability of success and often there is a religious or cultural element where you both come from totally different backgrounds and this is part of the fascination and broadening of your perspectives.

After the 17th is the best time of the year to meet a new partner and so attending social events, double dates or singles nights is a great idea, put yourself in places where Cupid is likely to strike.

This is an excellent month to get engaged or married, you are more eager to share your life with a special someone and to take commitment to the next level. Marriage this month is linked to prosperity, your partner may be wealthy or about to become successful in both material terms, and in terms of being a valued member of society.

There are opportunities to expand your contacts and you may be introduced to influential people who may offer advice or practical assistance in the future.

It's a good month to do research, you may have to look through old paperwork, newspapers or manuscripts to resolve a problem or get to the heart of an issue. It's a great time to seek answers in obscure places and unorthodox methods often bring results.

This is an excellent month for creative writing especially in terms of children's books, fantasy, dystopian and sci fi.

The moon waxes from the 17th making this your fertile and successful patch for activities especially in connection with property, home improvements, decorating or moving home. Creative projects are favoured. Work in libraries, archives and with anything arcane is favoured. Family decisions can be made successfully. Charitable and humanitarian work us favoured as is green activism.

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