pisces monthly horoscope (Aug)

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You have to stand on your own this month as you cannot always rely on friends or peers for support.  Some rivalry rears its head and that makes group efforts and networking less productive.  Stick to your guns and keep doing things your way, pay no attention to the detractors.

You may have to make large investments or outlays to secure your position or lay the foundations to a new business.  This can give you some sleepless nights and your self-belief is tested, do you really have the guts to get the glory? I think you do, however this is a nerve-wracking time in business as the stakes are high.  However, you have a great deal of emotional momentum behind you and you don't really want to turn back, your desire to make things work is strong and powerful.

This month is one for checkups and nipping any health issue in the bud.  Be informed and make some small adjustments. In August, it's not about radical changes, it's rather about small changes which added together make a big impact on longer term health issues i.e. blood pressure, heart disease, cancer prevention etc.

Small changes may be swopping from unhealthy oils to olive oil, steaming instead of microwaving food, adding new fruits or vegetables to your repertoire, doing more walking or having meat and sugar free days.  Self-deprivation or sudden faddish diets are not the way, experiment with different diets from paleo, to vegan and see how they suit you. 

August is marvelous for new love to grow more affectionate and to blossom.  Relationships should be approached with an attitude of discovery and developing respect and trust.  You should not rush relationships, let them develop at a steady pace and keep your eyes open.  You are quite a good judge of character right now and so if something doesn't feel right, don't wait for more evidence, trust your judgement and leave well alone.

You are in a very decisive mood in terms of marriage matters and you make choices for better or worse and stick with them rather than dilly dally. If there is doubt you step in and take control. You are quick to defend your partner but just as quick to go on the attack if you feel that your independence is in anyway undermined.

In general, Pisces are more headstrong and demanding of freedom and independence in relationships, and that puts pressure on the relationship to adapt and accommodate. This is a trend that will last some years.

Creatively any project in which you draw on your past experience and the emotions linked to that, generates excellent work that can reach far beyond your usual audience. Working with images in film, art or photography is very successful as you can tap into the collective unconscious quite accidentally. If you do work with techniques like hypnotism or neuro-linguistic programming or the use of subliminal imagery, you can take this forward and develop some of your own more powerful techniques.

The moon waxes from the 18th making this a green light period for new projects and business ventures. This period, charitable events and social work are favored.  You are successful in winning government contracts or applying for grants or social security assistance.  You are lucky when you do something last minute or totally on a whim. Sea travel and water sports are favored.  Work with sea life or the conservation of the coastline is favored.

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