taurus Monthly Horoscope (Dec)



The challenge for you in relationships this month, is to indulge your partner's emotions or ideas even when you feel that they are barking up the wrong tree. Try not to give advice, it's more important for you to nudge other people to the right decision rather than wade in with a strong opinions.

This is often a time where emotions run high and tensions in a relationship are more prevalent and more difficult to deal with. There is a need to co-ordinate with your partner, but sometimes your ideas of how to deal with things are very different and that makes this coordination a challenge.

Taurus may have a lack of confidence at this time and that's why you could want to withdraw from any commitments which you feel will require a lot of responsibility or obligation. You may suddenly feel less gung-ho about things that you were previously enthusiastic about, however when the retrograde phase is over, your confidence is set to return.

During this phase you should take a long-term view when it comes to looking for love, because often with Mars retrograde motives, desires and intentions are concealed not apparent or vague, and so it's very often difficult to enter into a relationship and get a good read on where things are heading.

It may be important to redo budgets and reassess how you guys are spending money. This is not a good time to go for any major purchases or commit yourself to any costly long-term goals. During this phase Taurus may break promises because you are going to be feeling a little bit differently about things, however you may come around again. So if you've recently made a decision together, you make suddenly get cold feed, or you may need time to think about it and to see if it's fitting in well with you from an emotional viewpoint, so you need some space to think.

This month it's important to cut others some slack and make allowances for people's innate weaknesses or the struggles they're going through in their life. In terms of career and your business, it is important to remain flexible and not to be to set on one outcome because if you were too focused on one outcome you may miss opportunities to improve or to find it even better route forward and then you can feel burnt out or frustrated, rather and seeing that little bit of Magic that you were being offered.

This is a period when you are a little bit more anxious, you are more emotional about certain aspects of your life and you may feel a little bit insecure, which may make you a little bit possessive and you are more likely to be touchy and jealous. Matters of the heart are not at all straight-forward for you, you tend to ask questions and you have a lot of doubts, so it's important for family members to be diplomatic with you, be tolerant of your behavior and not give you any reason to question their real feelings.

This is a time when hidden anger and resentments are often stirred and therefore you can be irritable or even a little bit volatile, but the main problem is actually passive aggression because you don't always expresses anger in constructive ways, you tend to act irrationally out of suppressed turbulent emotions.

The New Moon period begins on the 25th of November and lasts until the 6th of December, these are your best and most fertile days for new activities, making strategies and jumping into goals.

This is not necessarily a good period for getting involved politically or with groups and organizations, it's better to formulate goals that will involve you personally, rather than goals where you're too reliant on networks or on what other people in your profession or doing.

This is a time not to follow the crowd, stay true to yourself, make your own decisions, try not to be influenced by what those around you, including friends, are doing as this can be very misleading.

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