sagittarius monthly horoscope (April)

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Power is the keyword this month and you are challenged to use your power to change situations and gain an advantage, you may also discover that you have more power than you thought in a certain situation and you can capitalize in ways you never imagined. This month is rich with opportunity and you are able to break new ground. It's an excellent time to make radical and far reaching changes and to be daring. In April, shatter the mold, unlearn habits which are unhelpful and emerge from your cocoon and embrace life as a butterfly. Timing is key in terms of finances, be careful not to jump the gun. You are eager to seize opportunities to invest in order to get into new markets, however you are more emotional and less rational right now and while your instincts are good, you are impatient and may lose more than you gain by acting now. Psychology, counselling and therapy can be very helpful right now and may be instrumental in propelling you into a new phase. This phase is ideal in ridding yourself of deep-seated fears, anxieties, guilt and negative internal messaging. You are attracted to people who challenge your perceptions and who are intense. Love hate relationships are possible right now as someone who turns you on may also wind you up. New relationships have more than their fair share of angst and intrigue, but they are compelling, and you become obsessed. Discussion and negotiating are key features this month in love, and you must try to be more accommodating as in love it's about compromise and balance and you are not exactly in a very compromising mood. You tend to be impatient and to have very strong viewpoints in April, however in love you need to be more relaxed and calmer, take a step back and breathe! Relationships are successful in April as you can make future plans, take the relationship forward and have a great deal of fun, however the main caveat is that you use the forcefulness and assertive energy you have to fight for your marriage, stand up for your partner or create ambitious joint goals, or the positive potential can be lost in a whirlwind of arrogance and arguments on matters of principal, which really don't matter at the end of the day. April is excellent for decisions and new beginnings, sometimes they are planned, sometimes fate plays a role, and yet in both cases the changes seem to be pre-ordained and there is a strong force propelling you forward like it's meant to be. The moon wanes from 7th until the 22nd making this a time of diligence and application, after the 22nd is best for your new projects and for important business dates and launches. After the 22nd is excellent for property deals and hospitality businesses. A good time to renovate your work premises or open a restaurant. An excellent time to start a business related to the tourism industry. After the 22nd is best for home moves or beginning home renovations. New business in the green sector is favored.

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