sagittarius Monthly Horoscope (Jan)



Jupiter is conjunct your seventh house ruler at the new moon, this is auspicious for marriage, engagement and new starts in love.

This month brings better communication and a positive approach to problems in love. There is an opportunity to relax and unwind together and a rapport can be re-established. The pressure seems to be off temporarily and you have more quality time together, to talk about the future and discuss where you both see the relationship going.

You can learn a lot about yourself through your interactions with your partner and you are able to give each other good advice. It's an opportune time to discuss money and do some budgeting together, however you may both decide on very different investment decisions than you have considered in the past. Things around you are changing and that brings you together like never before as you face external challenges as a couple, and are required to re-evaluate where you are, and what you want given the new circumstances.

Recently formed relationships can become deeper and more committed this month, the communication and understanding deepens and yet you aren't necessarily spending every second together, as you retain independence.

A new relationship with someone a little exotic in terms of their background, or views is possible this month. You may be drawn to guys who are unattainable, but who you have a lot of respect for. Make sure a new partner actually earns your respect, as you may be veering into hero worship territory, where you are inclined to think your new guy is the bee's knees when in truth, they are just full of bluster. Manage your expectations, you can get carried away in new relationships, overestimating their potential.

Jupiter influences your financial sphere along with Pluto this month, and this brings substantial benefits and opportunities to undertake big new projects or pioneer new directions. There can be a significant break from the past in terms of your approach and your thinking. Bold moves pay off especially when you embark on an initiative close to your heart.

Being true to your calling and quitting living a life that others expect you to live is a key factor in your success. Investing in yourself by paying for a course or better equipment so that you unleash your talent is also a great way to go this month. Time to purge that which wastes your time and stops you fulfilling your potential.

January is an excellent time for new fitness goals and also new spiritual pursuits, like mindfulness and meditation. Diet is not as key, it's more about your mental and physical state and how these influence each other.

You are keen not only to improve yourself, but you want to motivate those in your family and you may initiate trips or new activities like cycling to get everyone involved.

It's important to understand your fears as these can drive you in positive and negative ways. You are able to overcome fears, by making concrete steps towards self-improvement, however fears can also create obsessions and tunnel vision. Make sure you acknowledge your fears and how they influence your decisions, and at the end of the month, ask yourself if your actions resolved the fears or just distracted you from them: this is an important thing to reflect on.

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