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November is a month to be heard and get noticed, you are skilled at speaking, debating and presenting ideas and you will have more opportunity to do so. You are able to educate and also spread information which you feel is important. This is not a time of frivolous chatting and joking about, there is a seriousness in what you do and you are focused and determined.

Family matters especially related to your parents may require attention and you may have to take responsibility with respect to this.

You may be forced to put all your eggs in one basket this month and that may not feel comfortable, but you should keep an open mind and see projects through without bailing out. Someone is going to come through for you this month as there is luck in financial matters. This is a highly profitable month when recent efforts, as well as more long terms projects bear fruit.

Routine travel can be the source of greater stress this month and so if you spend a great deal of time in a car, make sure you get enough sleep, that you take frequent breaks and that you get exercise when you are away from the car.

In love you can be sharper in your criticisms, and Libra can actually make things worse by over psychoanalyzing relationship issues. In relationships, nothing is perfect for anyone, and many differences and faults must be lived with and accommodated, and so Libra need to stop aiming for perfection and learn to love what is unique. Tolerance is key; criticism and engineering conversations to address issues forensically can be more damaging than helpful.

In marriage, patience and tolerance is key. Sometimes you just have to take your foot off the gas and relieve the pressure. There is no point trying to force issues or demand clarification, often there are no good answers and the only solution is found in the passing of time. Impatience can only make issues worse. Forgiveness and generosity are your key weapons in love, and I say weapons as they are like your missile defense system, your way of diffusing anger, hostility and the problems which stem from that.

An excellent time to begin any communication initiative be it press releases, contacting clients about new products and services or promoting your ideas. You are hardheaded and no one is going to sway you, Libra take a while to make up your mind, but once made up, you stick with it and plough ahead with resolve and this is one of those times.

Mercury goes direct on the 3rd and Mars on the 13th of November bringing greater clarity and forward thrust to activities, along with more cohesive behavior in your groups. You feel like the complicated part of your plan is now over and you cab freewheel ahead with the wind in your sails. After the 15th the moon waxes and there is luck in terms of marriage, so a good time to get married or engaged. You are lucky with money and should get a bonus, reward, make extra sales or reach a milestone. A good time to invest in precious metals. Post the 15th is excellent for speaking engagements, press releases and exam writing. Communication and sort distance travel is favored.

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