aries monthly horoscope (Aug)

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The month gets off to a start that NASA would be proud of as you simply lift off. You are on the lookout for opportunities and also glory and so, much of what you do is inspired by looking good, not physically, but socially. But go easy on the virtue signaling Aries, you can come across like you know it all and you may alienate others even though that is not what you are trying to do at all. 

The best use of your energy is in motivating teams and helping those you work with to achieve goals or targets which have already been set rather than suddenly changing the goal posts or coming up with brand new directions.  It's tempting for you to play the joker this month, but be careful that the joke does not end up being on you.

You are inclined to be wasteful this month, if anything you overestimate what you need in terms of inputs, equipment etc. and you have this belief that bigger is better, which to a degree may be true and so a little flamboyance may help get you noticed, however if you overdo it you can just look foolish.  

Aries may be sexually frustrated in August, you tend to need a very high dose of excitement from whatever you do. You are quickly bored and also annoyed when the earth doesn't move and that is also true for sex life. Not sure what to recommend for that one, maybe a cold shower, if I knew how to make sure the earth moved every time I'd be richer than Zuckerberg.  Arguments can break out over sex and often jealousy is at the heart of it or perceptions of jealousy.

Married life tends to revolve around the home and family this month.  The emotional needs of children and also the requirements of the home take precedence.  You may enjoy entertaining family or family may come to stay; there is generally a good atmosphere in the home and while busy there can be domestic bliss.  While Aries are quite hot headed in other aspects of life, home and family life is where you relax and unwind.

This is not necessarily a loving month as you are rather distracted and rarely sit down long enough for a deep and meaningful conversation, but you are willing to compromise and you will not seek to argue about matters to do with the home, where you will generally give way to your partner.

Aries need to be careful not to become defensive and thus to over egg the pudding; you know the saying 'quit while you are on top' - well head that, do not try and go for a final flourish just to grab the limelight and prove yourself, you can impress others by doing what was agreed or asked for, and you may just annoy them by going outside those parameters to put the proverbial cherry on top.

The moon wanes between the 3rd and the 18th and so this period is better for research, planning, working with ideas, brainstorming and analysis, while after the 18th plans really take off in concrete form.

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