taurus Yesterday Horoscope (Sat, Dec 03, 2022)



Don't watch TV until late in the night. It's affecting your sleeping schedule. Be careful with your health today because your weak spot will be your throat. Emotionally, you will be doing alright. However, it will be hard for you to be around family today. For some reason, they are causing you a lot of stress. Financially, you could be doing better. You have been handling your savings account better than usual. Let that motivate you when it comes to your job. Stay away from Sagittarius co-workers.
Your lucky numbers are going to be 12 and 2 today. Jupiter is sending you good vibes. Venus is sending you some powerful energy. In other words, today is the ideal day for romance. Married signs will feel the power of energy heavily! Sadly, the budget isn't supporting your wishes and desires to travel right now. Even though you love traveling, today, traveling will be nothing more than a distant dream.

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