Family Life Horoscope 2021 for Capricorn born

Transit of Jupiter may give assorted results while Saturn may not give good results this year. You may not be clever to get materialistic property during this transit. You may have nasty relations with your friend circle and relatives. Hectic atmosphere at home front may force you to live in segregation. You may like to live in segregation. Your interest towards materialistic outlook may get rejected. In spite of adverse situations, you may not like to remove the path of honesty. You may be looking for some real and true lead. Some changes for the improvement of family life can be expected during mid-months of the year but the first and last quarter of the year are not able to give enviable results. This year you will be inclined towards charities and would like to participate in spiritual activities. Aged members of the family will be helpful. You should keep on helping the needy. Coming year is likely to give more positive and good results.