Family Life Horoscope 2021 for Cancer born

Startup of the year 2021 is suitable for family life. During the first quarter you will get the support from your family members. Friend circle and principally the females will favor you. Social circle will become stronger.

But time from April 2021 to August 2021 may not give the same domino effect. Suddenly you may start feeling a lack of eagerness due to the situation around you. You need to be wary of obstruction all around. Take care of your valuables as this period eludes loss too. Spouse may have health problems during this time. Relations with in-laws may remain stressful. Last month of the year is also not suitable for children. During the months of midyear you may remain irritated due to high expenditures. You may become unpredictable during this era due to egoistic advance which will influence your family life adversely. Angry and unnecessary arguments may create misunderstanding with spouse and children. You should also avoid the company of forbidding and unsocial persons which may be the cause of defame. From August 2021 onward you may start to feel some good and positive changes to continue for a longer era.