Varuthini Ekadashi

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Varuthini Ekadashi Vrat Date & Muhurat in 2021

Varuthini Ekadashi Vrat symbolizes good fortune and peaceful life. This fast is effective to cure disease& sufferings, absolve sins and make one feel powerful & spirited. With this devotion in mind, one should worship Lord Madhusudan. The result of fasting for Varuthini Ekadashi is similar to the result that one obtains by donating gold during Solar Eclipse. By fasting for this time, a human live blissfully during this life and in the afterlife.

Varuthini Ekadashi Vrat Worship Method (Puja Vidhi)

The person who performs fasting on this day must first follow the rules of Brahmacharya Vrat. She/he should avoid the company and wicked impact of bad people. The worship rituals of this fast are as follows:

  1. One day prior to fasting, one should eat food only one time.
  2. On the day of fast, after bath in the early morning and taking a firm resolution of fasting, one should prayer the God.
  3. During the fast, one must not have food made from oil, accept any offering of food, gram, honey, lentils from another person and should not eat in a brass pot. The person who is fasting must only eat once.
  4. One must worship to god and perform Jagrans during the night, and open the fast on next day on Dwadashi.

On the day of fast, one must ruminate and perform bhajan-Kirtan. One should also avoid angry or getting lying.

Importance of Varuthini Ekadashi Vrat

This Vrat is known to be very helpful. There is a spiritual belief which states that the Varuthini Ekadashi Vrat is more fruitful than donate alms to Brahmins, meditating for million years and attaining the blessing from Kanya Dan. By fasting on this day, Lord Madhusudan gets pleased. All the suffering ends and good fortune increase.

Historical Legend

Onetime Arjuna urged Lord Shri Krishna to tell the story and significance of Varuthini Ekadashi Vrat, which is as follows:

During pristine times, there was a king named Mandhata who ruled on the banks of river Narmada. He was a very bountiful and priestly king. One time when he was meditating in a forest, a wild bear came and started chewing his feet. The bear is dragged him to the forest. This made the King concerned, but while abiding the sacred rules of Tapasya dharma, he did not get angry and prayed to Lord Vishnu.

Answering his prayers, Lord Vishnu came and killed the bear with his Chakra. But till then, the bear has chewed King’s one leg, which made King Mandhata very sadden. Seeing this, Lord Vishnu said - When you’ll go back to Mathura, worship my idol in Varaha Avatar and do the Varuthini Ekadashi Vrat. With its effect, the leg that has been eaten by the bear will get healed. This injure to your leg is the result of your crimes in the past life. With Lord Vishnu’s direction, the king fasted on Varuthini Ekadashi faithfully and devotedly and his leg became healthy again.

When is Varuthini Ekadashi in 2021?

Varuthini Ekadashi Vrat Muhurat, 2021

Friday, 7 May, 2021

Varuthini Ekadashi Parana Time : 05:35:17 to 08:16:17 on 8th, May

Duration : 2 Hour 41 Minute