Vaishakha Purnima Vrat

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Vaishakha Purnima Vrat Date & Muhurat in 2021

Vaishakha Purnima is of prime importance in Hindu faith. On this day, various charity and spiritual activities are performing. This Poornima is also known by the name of Satya Vinayak Purnima. On this Purnima, Lord Vishnu embody on the form of Mahatma Buddha. So, Buddhist followers celebrate this day very drudgingly and enthusiastically.

Vaishakha Purnima Vrat Rituals

Fasting and performing virtuous deeds on this Purnima offers favorable results. Like other Poornima fasts, the rituals for Vaishakha Purnima Vrat is also same, though with few additional rituals which are as follows:

  • On this day, take a bath in a holy river, reservoir, well or Bawari before sunrise. After that, offer Argh to the Sun God while chanting Surya Mantra.
  • Take vow for the fast and worship Lord Vishnu.
  • By donate water filled vessel and food in the name of Dharmraj (Yamraj), offer results equivalent to Godan (Cow donation).
  • By donate sesame seeds along with sugar to 5 or 7 needy persons, all sins of a person ends.
  • Light sesame oil lamps and offer sesame seeds as well.
  • Have food only one time on this day.

Importance of Vaishakha Purnima

As per Hindu faith, Dharmraj is worshipped on Vaishakha Purnima. So, a person is freed from the fear of precocious death by fasting on this day. It is assumed that when Sudama, the childhood friend of Lord Krishna, reached Dwarka to meet him, Lord Krishna told him the rules (Vidhan) of Satya Vinayak Poornima Vrat. With the result of the fast, all poverty of Sudama ended.

When is Vaishakha Purnima Vrat in 2021?

Vaishakha Purnima Vrat 2021 Muhurat

Wednesday, 26 May, 2021

Poornima Tithi Begins at 20:31:40 on May 25, 2021

Poornima Tithi Ends at 16:45:35 on May 26, 2021