Kartik Amavasya

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Kartik Amavasya Date & Muhurat in 2021

Kartik Amavasya holds great importance in Hinduism and comes in Krishna Paksha of Kartik month. This Amavasya is devoted to Goddess Lakshmi and the favorable festival of Diwali is also famous on this day. It is also consider an ideal day for Pitru pooja and seek their blessings, and for the purpose of charity and gift. According to pristine spiritual beliefs, on the juncture of Shanti Parv during Mahabharata, Shri Krishna himself told the significance of Kartik Amavasya saying, this day is very dear to me. If a person worships me on this day, the unfavorable effects of planets (Grah Dosh) on his/her life will end.

Kartik Amavasya Vrat Rituals

Following are the spiritual rituals that are perform on this favorable juncture of Kartik Amavasya:

  • Take a bath in a holy river, pond or lake in early morning. Present Argh to the Sun God, and deposit mole seeds in the flowing water.
  • Recite Navagraha Stotra in the morning for Navagraha Shanti and to lessen the effect of Navagraha Doshas in one’s life.
  • Recite Vishnu Sahasranama on this day is also of great importance. With its impact, all inauspicious Yogas in one’s Kundli get removed.
  • Lighting a lamp (Deepak) in a temple or in the house of a poor on this night, removes all pains and anguish related to Planet Saturn.
  • One should also performing Abhishek of Shivling with honey on the occasion of Kartik Amavasya.

Lighting Lamps on Kartik Amavasya

It is traditional to light lamps on the night of Diwali, also known as the day of Kartik Amavasya. It is assumed that Lord Rama return to Ayodhya on this day, after living in the forest for 14 years in exile. So, the people of Ayodhya lighted the lamps in their houses and everywhere to welcome the God, show their happiness and celebrate that moment. There is one more Faith related to lighting of lamps on this Amavasya. It is said that when forefathers come to Earth during Pitru Paksha, Shraadh rituals are perform for their peaceable afterlife. And when Pitru Paksha rituals are concluded, lamps are lighted so that forefathers do not face any problem while returning to Pitru Loka. This faith and related practice is particularly prevalent in West Bengal.

When is Kartik Amavasya in 2021?

Kartik Amavasya 2021 Muhurat

Thursday, 4 November, 2021

Amavasya Tithi Begins at 06:06:05 on November 4, 2021

Amavasya Tithi Ends at 02:47:01 on November 5, 2021