Kamada Ekadashi

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Kamada Ekadashi Vrat Date & Muhurat in 2021

Kamada Ekadashi celebrates the glory and grandiosity of Lord Vasudev, as he is chanting on this favorable day. This Ekadashi Vrat is said to be the best one for worshipping Lord Vishnu. With the result of this fast, all desires are satisfied and sins are destroyed. One day before this Ekadashi fast, i.e. on 10th day or Dashmi, barley, wheat and moong etc. should be used as a meal once a day and Lord Vishnu must be remember.

Kamada Ekadashi Vrat & Puja Rituals

Pooja rituals for Kamada Ekadashi, which fulfils all your desires or dreams, are as follows:

  1. On this day, after retiring from shower, take a swearing for fasting and worship God.
  2. Remember Lord Vishnu from time to time and do a Jagran nearby the place of worship.
  3. Carry out the Parana on the next day of Ekadashi, i.e. on Dwadashi or 12th day.
  4. Doing Brahman Bhoj or feeding Brahmins and giving them Dakshina or donations is said to be of high significance, therefore do it. Eat food only then after.

Historical Legend

The legend of Kamada Ekadashi was described by Lord Shri Krishna to Pandu’s son Dharmraj Yudhishtara. Prior to this, Vashist Muni had narrated the majesty of this fast to King Dilip, which is as follows:

In pristine times, a king named Pundrik ruled in the town of Bhogipur. In his city, many Apsaras, eunuchs (kinnars), and Gandharva used to live and their court was filled with these people. Gandharvas and Kinnars used to sing daily. There was a gorgeous apsara named Lalita and her husband Lalit, a noble Gandharva lived there. There was enormous love between the two and they were always lost in each other’s memories.

During one time when Gandharva Lalit was singing in the court of King, abruptly he remembered his wife Lalita. Due to this cause, he couldn’t control his voice pitch. A serpent called Karkat saw this, and told this to King Pundrik. The king became annoyed when he heard this and cursed Lalit to be a demon. After this, for many years Lalit kept roaming in the demon yoni. His wife sustained to remember him but would become sad after seeing her husband in this situation.

After a few years approved, Lalit’s wife Lalita went to Sage Rishyamook on the Mount Vindhya, and started asking for the remedy for her husband. The sage took pity on them and asked to do Kamada Ekadashi fast. After receiving his blessing, Gandharva-wife return to her place and respected the Kamada Ekadashi fast. With the effect of this Ekadashi fast, they got free of their curse and their Gandharva appearance back.

When is Kamada Ekadashi in 2021?

Kamada Ekadashi Vrat 2021 Muhurat

Friday, 23 April, 2021

Kamada Ekadashi Parana Time : 05:47:12 to 08:24:09 on 24th, April

Duration : 2 Hour 36 Minute