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Janmashtami Date & Muhurat in 2021

Janmashtami is celebrated as the birthday of God Krishna. In Mathura, the city of Demon King Kansa, God Krishna was born in the prison of the King as the 8th child of Devaki on the eighth day of the dark fortnight of Bhadrapada month. It was midnight and Moon was rising along with Rohini Nakshatra when he was born. Hence, Krishnashtami celebrated the birthday of Lord Krishna every year.

Krishna Janmashtami Muhurat

  1. When Ashtami is prevalent during the midnight, Vrat must be kept on the following day.
  2. If Ashtami Tithi is prevalent through the midnight of the 2nd day only, fast must be kept on the 2nd day itself.
  3. If Ashtami is prevalent through the midnight of two days and Rohini Nakshatra is prevailing during 1 night only, the following day of that night must be consider for the fast.
  4. If Ashtami is prevalent through the midnight of two days and both of the nights have Rohini Nakshatra as well, Krishna Janmashtami fast is kept on the 2nd day.
  5. If Ashtami is prevalent through the midnights of two days and no day has Rohini Nakshatra, Krishna Jayanti fast is kept on the 2nd day.
  6. If Ashtami Tithi does not prevail during the midnight of both of these days, fast will be kept on the 2nd day.

Note: Above Muhurat is given as per the Smarthas. Vaishnavas celebrate Gokulashtami on the second day. Smarthas and Vaishnavas have different notion about celebrating this festival.

As per the Hindu spiritual texts, Vaishnavas are those people who are initiated by the Vaishnavas community. These people ordinarily wear a small rosary of pious beads and put a Tilak on their forehead as the symbol of Vishnu’s feet. Apart from these Vaishnavas people, all other people are considering as the Smarthas. In other words, we can say that those who have not got initiated by the Vaishnavas community are called Smarthas.

Janmashtami Fast & Puja Vidhi

  1. The festivity begins with the fast & Pooja of Ashtami, and ends with the Parana on Navami.
  2. One who is complying fast must have consumed some light Sattvic food a day before i.e. Saptami. Avoid any physical lineament with the life partner on the following night and keep all the senses under control.
  3. On the day of fast, get ready early in the morning and pay tribute to all the deities; then sit facing East or North.
  4. Take Sankalp of the fast while keeping pious water, fruit, and flowers in hand.
  5. After that, sprinkle the water mixed with black sesame over you and make a labor room for Devaki Ji.
  6. Now, place a baby bed in this room and a sacred Kalash on it.
  7. Additionally, place an idol or picture of Devaki Ji feeding milk to Krishna.
  8. Perform the Pooja by taking the names of Devaki, Baladeva, Vasudeva, Nand, Yashoda, and Lakshmi Ji respectively.
  9. This fast is opened only after the midnight. Grains are not eating in this fast. Only fruits and something like that can be taken e.g. fried balls of Kuttu flour, and Halwa made of water chestnut and sweets made of condensed milk,.

Janmashtami Legend

At the end of Dwapara Yuga, King Ugrasen used to rule Mathura. Ugrasen had a son called Kansa. For the throne, Kansa pushed his father Ugrasen into the prison. Sister of Kansa, Devaki marriage fixed with the Vasudeva of Yadava society. While Kansa was about to bid adieu to his sister after her marriage, he heard an oracle from the sky, O Kansa! This Devaki, who is so much beloved to you, her 8th child will be the reason of your death. Listening to this, Kansa got really violent and wanted to kill her. He thought that if Devaki died, she won’t be able to give birth to any child.

Vasudeva tried to convince Kansa that he has no fear from Devaki, but her 8th child. So, he will give her 8th child to him. Kansa agreed to this and locked Vasudeva and Devaki into his jail. Immediately, Narada appear there and asked Kansa that how he will know that which one is the 8th pregnancy. The counting will begin from the first or the last. Accepting Nerada’s viewpoint, Kansa killed all the children of Devaki pitilessly one by one.

Lord Krishna took birth in the Bhadrapada month on the eighth day of the dark fortnight when Rohini asterism was prevailing. As soon as he reaches into this world, the entire prison got filled with the light. Vasudeva and Devaki saw conch, Chakra (wheel weapon), mace, and Lord with four arms with lotus in a hand. The Lord said, Now, I will take the form of a child. Take me to the Nanda’s house immediately in Gokul and bring their newborn daughter to the Kansa. Vasudeva did exactly like this and offered the baby girl to the Kansa.

When Kansa tried to kill this girl, she just slip from his hands and flew into the sky. Then, she turned into a Goddess and said. What will you get from killing me? Your enemy has reached to the Gokul. Seeing this, Kansa got shocked and panicked. He sent many giant devils to kill Sri Krishna. With his godly powers, Krishna killed all of them. When he grew up, he killed Kansa and sat over the throne of Ugrasen.

Importance of Janmashtami

  1. On this day, all the temples of the nation are beautifully decorated.
  2. Many tableaus are beautifully decorated on the occasion of Krishna’s birthday.
  3. After adorning Krishna, he is placed on the cradle and swung by everyone.

Worshippers keep fast till the midnight. At the midnight, the news of Krishna’s birth is sent everywhere with the pious sounds of conches and bells. Krishna’s Aarti is sung and pious food is distributed.

With this piece of information, we hope that on this holy time, Lord Krishna will bless you with immense bliss and affluence.

When is Janmashtami in 2021?

Janmashtami Muhurat, 2021

Monday, 30 August, 2021

Nishita Puja Time : 23:59:27 to 24:44:18

Duration : 0 Hour 44 Minute

Janmashtami Parana Time : After 05:57:47 on 31st, August