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Christmas 2021

For most of the masses, Christmas is all about going to a local mall and admires the decoration of the Christmas tree. The shiny twinkling lights wrapped around the Christmas tree and the gifts hang to greet, meet and visit, Christmas always held this magical image in the hearts of the people. But, there are many Christmas carols and tales connected with the Christmas tree that you might not be familiar with.

Tale of the Christmas tree

The belief of the Christmas tree was originated in Germany when people used to hang branches and leaves outside their homes to keep evil spirits at bay, and since then people started bring decorated trees into their homely spaces. The 1st Christmas tree was put up in 1419. From enjoying the winter holidays to finally inviting peace and happiness, Christmas week is all about satiating your taste buds and refreshing your spirit.

Why Christmas Is Celebrated On 25th December?

Christmas is the day when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The birth date of Lord Jesus is quite vague. It was Pope Leo I, bishop of Rome (440-461), who coincide the day of Christmas with the Festival of the Saturnalia, when the Sun God, Saturn was worshipped by the Romans. He thought that celebrating the birth of Jesus on the same day would prevent the Romans from worshiping the Sun God. He even describes Jesus as the ‘new hope of light’.

Where Did The Traditions Of Christmas Originate?

It is true that western people celebrate Christmas as a pagan feast. The Christmas tree is also considering a pious emblem of fertility. In the northern most countries, when the nights are long and cold, the feast of Christmas gave birth to the traditions of Christmas. Hence, the practice of celebrating the festival with rich food and lots of candles has been strictly followed. The decoration of fir trees with candles is also consider to be a symbol of hope that spring would arrive with new crops and copious food.

Where did Santa Claus come from?

The Santa Claus myth came from the legend of Saint Nicholas. Nicholas was a bishop in the small city of Myra (in modern Turkey), who helped poor girls to get the good husband. He secretly left bags full of money at the door steps of poor and needy people, which could be used as dowry later. With time, people started remembering his leniency by exchanging gifts on the feast of Saint Nicholas, which is celebrated on December 6 (in western Christian countries) and 19 December (in the eastern churches).

Keeping the Christmas Spirit Alive

Known to be the ‘Season of Joy’, the month of December offers the best family time all year round – from Christmas to Halloween, there are unaccountable events to look forward to. During this time, you can give your homely space and office a bit of vintage and festive look. So, if you’re someone who likes to give a makeover to your space, then here’s the time for you. Keeping your place neat and untidy helps you eliminate all the negativity. You can also light up your place with lights and candles, and tickle your bellies with mouth-watering dishes. From exchange gifts to finally meeting your friends and family members, this is one of the most sought-after festivals to look out for.

For Children, this festival means holidays, gifts and merry-making. During this period, parents toil hard to take their little ones to some kind of an extravagant purpose where they can spend some quality time with their family members. It is the time when children fill their bellies with chocolates, waffles and muffins. It’s their excitement for the gifts that give them a sleepless night and the astonishment of finding the gifts in the stocks which give them butterflies in the stomach. So, this season is all about creating memories with your loved ones. What are you waiting for? Go and do a little bit of shopping to give your home a new and stunning look.

When is Christmas in 2021?

Christmas 2021

Saturday, 25th December, 2021