Aja Ekadashi

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Aja Ekadashi Vrat Date & Muhurat in 2021

Aja Ekadashi is very blessed by Lord Vishnu ji, because of which, the person who fast on this day get blessings from both God Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. This Ekadashi is also known by the name of Annada Ekadashi.

Aja Ekadashi Vrat and Pooja Vidhi

  • On this day, take a bathing before sunrise and nominate the name of God.
  • Light a ghee lamp (Deepak), flower and offer fruits, and worship Lord Vishnu.
  • Recite Vishnu Sahasranama.
  • Do fast without eating food and water.
  • Do prayers (Jagrans) at night.
  • On the day of Dwadashi, offer food and present to Brahmin.
  • After that, consume your own meal.

Significance of Aja Ekadashi Vrat

According to Vedic Scriptures, it is believed that devotees who fast on this day and do Jagrans at night, all their sins get shattered and they go to heaven. Additionally, just by listen to the story of Aja Ekadashi, devotees get the fruits of Ashwamedha Yagya.

Aja Ekadashi Vrat Katha

It is said that Raja Harishchandra was known for his honesty and veracity. One day, Gods decided to test him. The King saw in his dream that he has donated his kingdom to Rishi Vishwamitra. When the next day, King Harishchandra hand over his entire kingdom to Vishwamitra, he asked the King to gave him 500 gold coins as donation. He told Rishi that he could ask him for more than just 500 gold coins. On this Vishwamitra laughed and remind him that he has beforehand donated his treasury along with his kingdom, so gift once made cannot be donated again. Then, the King sell his son and wife to obtain gold coins, but it wasn’t enough, so he sold himself as well and donated all gold coins to Vishwamitra. The person to whom he sold himself was the Chandala of a Crematorium. He assigns his task of collect taxes for cremation to King Harishchandra.

One day, King Harishchandra fasted for Ekadashi. It was midnight and he was protecting the entrance of Crematorium. The night was totally dark when a crying helpless woman carrying dead body of her son came there. She was King’s wife. Following his duty, King Harishchandra demanded tax from his wife for cremating their son. As she did not have money to pay tax, so she tore down a piece of her Saree and gives it to the King. At the same time the God appeared and said, “O Harishchandra! You have established the finest example of following truth and honesty in life. Your commitment is noble and you will always be remembered.” At that time, the King’s son Rohitash came back to life. With God’s permission, Vishwamitra also returned Harishchandra’s kingdom to him.

When is Aja Ekadashi in 2021?

Aja Ekadashi Vrat, 2021

Friday, 3 September, 2021

Aja Ekadashi Parana Time : 06:00:16 to 08:32:11 on 4th, September

Duration : 2 Hour 31 Minute