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Top Best Astrologers In India

Acharya V Shastri
Shatri, Acharya, Vedic Astrologer

We always try to connect with the india's best, and so to find the top best Vedic astrologer in India for astrology remedies or solutions to human beings issues is no different. So many people say, we are the good or best, but despite that, then how to evaluate a good astrologer. Can there be a questionnaire sheet for us to understand who is a knowledgeable astrologer in India. Dial199 was in conversation with Acharya V Shastri, a famous astrologer and Karma Reformer. The following are the some parts of the interview.

How to find a good astrologer in India?

Acharya V Shastri : Lord Maha Vishnu is the Supreme Godhead, while expostulate the merits of a good astrologer to Maharishi Narada (the son of lord Brahma), had said that he who has fully overview at least fifty thousand Janam Kundli might be classified as an best astrologer. In this manner he gains the competency to read the future and find the power to solve the individuals Sufferings. It will take more than thirty years to study these many horoscopes if one get, read and solve to at least fifteen to twenty different horoscopes daily.

So, if someone has to find a good astrologer, he should be search for a human being who has deep knowledge and good experience in this astrology domain. They have little basic mathematical ability as astrology is a Vedic science where mathematical calculations play a major important role. As well, the larger number of people should have a good belief about that astrologer. Another element to believe is that the astrologer must have some context other than their own social media tools.  But, your finding of a good astrologer is totally be controlled by your karma. If the disadvantageous planets are penalized one badly, then occasionally surprisingly the best astrologers failed.

What are the essential qualities of a good astrologer?

Acharya V Shastri : The astrologer should be well read and should also be well acquainted with the country or place, time, and individual. He have patience, should speak without favouritism, should speak the reality and truth with attentiveness, and should have enormous believe and keep faith in God. Those astrologers having these attributes have the ability; they give light into the darkness of unknown world of ‘future.’

Who can be a good marriage astrologer?

Acharya V Shastri : A astrologer who can give good advice for even a celibate to get married, an astrologer who can inculcate positivity in a marriage which is definite to break, an astrologer already knows the ways to match other than the non-matching horoscopes. The astrologer who focuses on match making for marriage homology rules of astrology than just astkoot gun milan and an astrologer who can help converted the free-will to karma correction that could eventually alter the destiny.  If an astrologer has these competencies, then he virtually he is a good astrologer for marriage match making and other marriage related issues.

Who can be a good career and business astrologer?

Acharya V Shastri : A good astrologer for business and career not only be aware the ways to analysing the business and career houses in a chart but also can read the other charts associated with business building and career success. As a general rule, it is an act to find and meet the requirements and experienced astrologer who has these capabilities. Moreover, in this fast-changing scenario, the astrologer should be well-grounded in the new ever-evolving businesses and new erupting careers. Very few astrologers in this astrologer world suggest what should happen to me through horoscope analysis and from astronauts or pilots. Therefore, before depending upon any astrologer for business and career hurdles, it is recommended to check on his abilities.

Should we trust online astrologer?

Acharya V Shastri : It all depends upon the type of online consultation or offline consultation one has seek. Imagine, it involves counselling, and then online is not the good option. But if anyone wants an solution in ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ then taking online consultation is best. Usually, short computerized reports are taken online. But I always recommend astrologer should vet it personally and manually also.

Free astrology predictions – can we believe in them? 

Acharya V Shastri: For recreation, it is good, but if you have to plan your destiny seriously, then free astrology services or predictions should be kept put aside. These free astrology services or reports are scripted and computerized to just few combinations; therefore, they never give any correct solution.

Is a good astrologer area-specific e.g., the best astrologer in Delhi NCR is different from the best astrologer in Mumbai or is different from the best astrologer in India?

Acharya V Shastri : No; If any astrologer is best, he is the best every or anywhere i.e., best in Delhi NCR, best in Mumbai, best in Noida, or best in India. Best astrologer in a particular area or counting like 10 top best astrologers in India do not appeal me somehow or other.