Family Life Horoscope 2021 for Sagittarius born

Transit of Saturn is not good this year but Jupiter transit will give both good and unfavorable results. 1st quarter of the year 2021 is auspices for family life to get co-operation and support from family members. Friend circle will also prove to be helpful. Social circle will be burly and you may feel energetic and ardent. You will be inclined towards the charity and would like to involve yourself in social activities. The same results you can expect during the last quarter of the year.

Period from April 2021 to August 2021 may not be considered auspices for family life as you may remain troubled due to your aggressive outlook or due to overconfidence. Unnecessary quarrels with the relatives may keep you tensed. Elders of the family may not be happy with you and differences may surface with them. Home peace may get diminished which may be the cause of decline of your health. You need to maintain the relationship on a long term basis as the next year may also not be considered much helpful for you.